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1/2 Pint Dragons (ages 4-6)


This class concentrates first and foremost on courteous and respectful behavior. Students quickly understand what the Martial Arts is, and what it is not.

We focus on how to resolve problems by communication and and by working together.  Fighting should only be an option if all other methods for diffusing a situation have failed.

As the students learn and conquer challenges, they are rewarded with stripes and new belts.  They build patience, perseverance, focus, and of course, self control.  An increased attention span helps overall learning ability.

Our positive environment reinforces these qualities while increasing self-confidence in the students. This fun yet challenging program certainly provides the character development for students to take with them into everyday life.


Kids / Juniors (ages 6 - teen)


The Clifton Martial Arts Program is not just another after-school activity. Students will work hard, but have fun while learning self-defense, target drills, live sparring, board breaking, weapons, stretching, and improving conditioning and strength.

Children will also develop a no-quit attitude which allows them to overcome any challenges they may come across,not only at the academy, but also at home and school.

Our students have shown improved concentration in the classroom, resulting in better grades.  CMAA provides a fun, safe, family oriented atmosphere which keeps students eager to work towards not only their martial arts goals, but life goals as well!

We continue to practice and demonstrate a non-violent approach to confrontation while at the same time giving students the tools to deal with the tough situations they might deal with.  A great example of this is how we teach bully prevention. What do you do to avoid it?

What do you do if you are being bullied? What do you do if you see someone being bullied?  Peer pressure can be a huge issue. Being a leader, not a follower is a mindset we whole-heartedly support and strive for.


Teens and Adults


We train using the most up-to-date, cutting edge self defense and fitness drills available.  We have a copious amount of pads, gear, and other tools that augment our training.  Our 1.5 inch zebra mats provide stability and shock absorption for the feet and spine.

We safely push our mental and physical limits in a friendly, clean place where there are no egos.

Students will be able to notice positive changes in little time.  Cardio-vascular endurance is one of the first things that increase. Our sparring is one of the best ways to improve cardio, while gaining confidence to handle yourself in a physical confrontation.

Flexibility, strength, and balance will all be enhanced.  Get in shape and learn valuable and possibly life saving techniques at Clifton Martial Arts Academy.




This class is for any student who is at least 11 years old or holds at least a purple belt.  Sometimes a fight can end up on the ground.  We work on takedowns and how to protect yourself if you are taken down.

There are restraints, chokes, and submissions taught here.  This is an important piece of the puzzle of being a confident, well rounded martial artist.


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